Feather Brook Farms

Free Range Chicken, Farm Fresh Eggs, and Local Rabbit, Beef, and Pork


Welcome to Feather Brook Farms, a family run farm providing MA with proteins raised with respect and dignity.


These chickens have a stress-free life — and a humane death.  Yes, you can taste the difference.

The farmer has a unique marketing routine, in place for the three years he has been raising chickens full time (it was a hobby for a decade).  “My sales technique is to go into a place and give them two chickens.  ‘Roast them,’ I tell them.  Every single time I’ve done that I get that business.”

Chef Todd Heberlein of Volante Farms in Needham says the flavor of a Feather Brook bird is “like nothing I’ve ever had.”  Somerville butcher Michael Dulock of M.F. Dulock Pasture-Raised Meats, agrees. “I’m not generally much for chicken,” he says.  “But this is a tasty bird; it actually tastes like something.”

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