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Gardening from the Ground Up
Saturday, April 7, 10am to 12pm

This botanical boot camp is designed especially for beginner gardeners. We will take the intimidation out of gardening by teaching you the basics. Learn how to determine your soil type, improve your soil, determine your sun exposure, choose the right plants, and water efficiently.

Soil, Compost and Mulch
Saturday, April 14, 10am to 12pm

A successful garden is in the soil. Learn what differentiates soil, compost, and mulch. Do you need to replace your garden soil this year? How much mulch is enough?

Spring Spirits Spectacular
Saturday, April 14, 4pm to 6pm

Join us to try some of our favorite “it’s getting warmer and we’re ready for summer” spirits. Samples will include: Barr Hill Gin; Boston Harbor Distillery – Putnam Rye & Single Malt, Maple Cream Liqueur, Lawley’s Rum; Heaven Hill Brands – Larceny Bourbon, Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon, Elijah Craig Bourbon & Bernheim Wheat Whiskey; Fabrizia Limoncello & Margaritas; Maine Craft Distilling; Del Maguay Vida Mezcal and more!

The event is free and open to all!  No party busses or large groups please.

Grow Your Own Herbs
Saturday, April 21, 10am to 12pm

Everyone loves an herb garden near the kitchen! Learn how to grow your own culinary and medicinal herbs at home. We will cover growing requirements, choosing a successful combination of plants, harvesting techniques and post harvest storage.

Tasting with Winemaker Emmanuelle Baude
Thursday, April 26, 5pm to 7pm

Join our wine guy Dan as he welcomes winemaker Emmanuelle Baude from Domaine Tour Campanets in Provence. Stop by and try her organic lineup of Bois des Fees white, Tour Campanets rose and Mon Coeur Violettes rogue. Come by and find out why this is one of Dan’s favorite wine regions.

The Fragrant Garden
Saturday, April 28, 10am to 12pm

Gardens should appeal to all senses. Come and explore with us the wide assortment of annuals, perennials, herbs, roses and shrubs that can provide a season long supply of scents that will make your neighbors sniffing over the fence.

Identifying and Using Native Plants in the Landscape
Saturday, May 5, 10am to 12pm

Native plants offer great environmental diversity to your garden landscape.  Learn why they are so valuable, how to identify the common ones and how to use them to improve your landscape.

Knife Sharpening
Sunday, May 6, 11am to 2pm

Bring your knives, scissors, shears, loppers or pruners and get sharp while shopping. We have knife sharpening in our parking lot the first Sunday of every month.

Vegetable Time
Saturday, May 12, 10am to 12pm

Do you want a vegetable garden and need help getting started?  Come and explore the basics of creating a usable space then selecting the right varieties of veggies for your needs.  Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and many more seedlings will be available on this perfect weekend to get the veggie garden started.

Attracting Pollinators in Your Garden
Saturday, May 19, 10am to 12pm

Pollinators play an essential role in ensuring productive harvests and are becoming increasingly rare. In this workshop, learn how to attract pollinators such as honeybees and hummingbirds to your garden. We will cover everything you can do to create an ideal habitat for these beautiful and necessary pollinators.

Spring Container Gardening
Saturday, May 26, 10am to 12pm

It’s time to spruce up those window boxes and planters! Join us to learn how to create the most striking containers on your block. We will cover choosing the right container, soil and plant selection, and seasonal design. Bring your own container or choose from our beautiful pottery.

Pruning Essentials
Saturday, June 2, 10am to 12pm

One of a gardener’s most important tasks, pruning can be as simple or complex as you’d like. In this session, we’ll introduce you to most important aspects of pruning—why prune, when to prune, how to prune and examples of pruning techniques on a variety of common plants, shrubs and ornamental trees. Bring questions.

Knife Sharpening
Sunday, June 3, 11am to 2pm

Bring your knives, scissors, shears, loppers or pruners and get sharp while shopping. We have knife sharpening in our parking lot the first Sunday of every month.

Shade Gardening
Saturday, June 9, 10am to 12pm

Are you looking to bring life to your shade garden? This workshop will help you design a beautiful garden using shade tolerant annuals and perennials. You will learn reliable shade garden plants, how to provide texture and flow and how to incorporate color into your shade garden. Bring your questions and challenges for our team.

Summer Bloomers
Saturday, June 16, 10am to 12pm

Ensuring consistent color in your garden can be a challenge. This workshop features dependable, low maintenance perennials and flowering shrubs that will guarantee beautiful color in your garden all summer long. We’ll have a perennial expert here to discuss popular summer blooming plants, gardening tips, and techniques for lasting color.

The Art of Growing Cannabis
Saturday, June 23, 10am to 12pm

New this season, this session will teach you basic techniques for growing cannabis at home. Learn how to choose the right location and create the ideal environment by understanding light cycles, air flow, soil chemistry, watering and plant diseases.

Organic Pest and Disease Management
Saturday, June 30, 10am to 12pm

This workshop will tackle the obstacles you face while gardening. We will cover pests, diseases, soil deficiencies and other garden problems. Come with questions and photos of your problems and we will help find a solution.