Almost twenty years after building Pemberton Farms and 80 years after opening Pemberton Market up the street, we’re thrilled to finally begin our store expansion project.  When complete, we’ll have expanded grocery, freezer and refrigeration space and more. Plus, we’ll have a brand new greenhouse.  Don’t worry – although we’ll lose a little bit of our garden center space, we’ll use the space wisely and and commit to continue to offer the area’s best selection of plants.

You can follow along with our project on this page or on Facebook by joining the event “Pemberton Farms’ Expansion.” 

August 2017

 After a lot of digging and soil removal, we finally have a large hole ready for the foundation (or a sandy beach with a saltwater pool, as some have suggested).  Today, the forms were built for the foundation footings and the cement truck arrived to start filling them with concrete.  After the footings are complete, then the forms will be built for the foundation.  If all goes well, the foundation will be complete by September 1. 


July 2017

 We’re in the grocery business and not around a lot of construction, so it’s extra exciting to see something like this happening.  It’s amazing how quickly and easily the cement slab under the greenhouse was ripped up as if it never existed at all.

 When the excavator arrived, Tom and Greg Saidnawey stopped for a quick picture before the digging began.  It was an exciting moment for the two generations of the family. 

June 2017

Farewell to our old friend, The Greenhouse.

People are asking, so here’s the story on what’s up with the greenhouse.