Spring Gardening Will Happen – I Promise!

Spring Gardening Will Happen – I Promise!

For this New Englander it has been the toughest February I can ever remember.  Record breaking amounts of snow for one month, the 2nd coldest month in history and 2 little kids trapped indoors for what seems like forever.  Wow.  I am glad February is OVER.

During the blizzard of 78 when I was a kid I loved loved all the snow.  Now, many years later I find it nothing but a big pain and now just a way to prolong us seeing green and the signs of spring.  How much damage has all this snow caused to our gardens and yards.  Once all this snow melts we will find out for sure but I expect there to be wide spread damage to our ornamental trees, evergreen shrubs, roses and who knows what else.  We will all have to just wait and see.

March is upon us and both our garden center and our gardening crews are anxious to start another season.  We usually get started by setting up our Garden Center in early March, putting out the pottery, getting in our mulches, soils, tools and gardening accessories and by the end of the month our Garden Services teams start our clients spring clean ups/prep in early April.   It is still our hope but it all depends on when all this snow melts.  I for one am praying for warm days and lots of melting snow.     With all this cabin fever I am sure that once the warmth comes, and it will, everyone will be ready to go 100 mph and get the gardening season going.   Once the snow pack gets to a height where you can actually go out in your back yard you should begin to assess your shrubs and see what kind of damage there is.  If you chose to try and remove some of then snow from your shrubs be careful, you may snap some still brittle/frozen branches.  I for one suggest waiting and letting the March sun do the melting.

When spring does finally come and the snow is gone it will be time to turn our attention and passion back to gardening.  For us at Pemberton Garden Services we are eager and ready to begin cleaning up and getting our clients gardens in order for another growing season.  Check out our website for design ideas and new ways to make your garden and yard just a little nicer.  If you are thinking you may want our help in preparing your gardens reach out to us via email and we can set up a plan.

Be patient.  It is almost over 🙂

Here is our “Spring Clean Up/Prep” Menu too for ideas or options of services that we provide at PGS.

Spring Clean Up/Garden Check List
– Rake/thatch all grassy lawn areas to encourage new growth.
– Rake and remove any and all winter debris and leaves from entire property.
– Prune any trees, shrubs or other plants that may have suffered any winter breakage/damage.
– Cut back any herbaceous perennials to encourage new spring growth.
– Sweep clear any patios, walkways, driveway, front steps, etc.. of sand and winter debris.
– Add fresh organic compost to garden beds. (optional, as needed)
– Add organic fertilizers to trees, shrubs and perennials. (optional, but strongly suggested)
– Add Lawn fertilizer (if applicable) Pre-Emergent weed control. (optional)
– Add fresh layer of mulch to all garden beds and flower borders.  (optional, type to use TBD)
– Assist clients with special “spring set up” projects.  ie. patio furniture, move pottery, etc.
– Plant spring blooming annuals and perennials.

If you have any questions reach out to us:
Pemberton Garden Services, Inc.
2225 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140 Info@PembertonGardening.com


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