Pemberton Exclusive – Four Roses Bourbon

Pemberton Exclusive – Four Roses Bourbon

Coming soon – Pemberton’s exclusive Four Roses Bourbon. single-barrel, barrel-strength, OBSO recipe, 35% rye mashbill and 120.6 proof.

Why buy a bottle when you can have the whole barrel? That’s what we thought when we decided to hand-select a one-of-kind, exclusive barrel of bourbon from Four Roses.

Here’s how it works – Pemberton’s bourbon lovers gathered together and sipped samples of Four Roses barrel-strength bourbon. There were many great samples on the table, all so different from each other, but none compared to our final selection – well-balanced, smooth with subtle, but rich, fruitiness. Next, Four Roses bottled the barrel we selected, put our name on the back and is shipping the bottles and the barrel the came from to us now.

As long as the truck arrives in time, we’ll unveil our exclusive bourbon at our Summer Spirits Spectacular on July 12, 4pm to 7 pm. We can’t wait to taste it again.

Learn more about Four Roses Bourbon on their website or at our event.

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