Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

We want you to meet our team! Each manager plays their part to help Pemberton Farms run smoothly and be filled with all the amazing products you love! Scroll through the list and read about some of your favorite managers and get to know them better!

Tom and Denna

I have no previous experiences! I began working at Pemberton Market under the guidance of my father in 1965, and I am the current owner. Growing my business has given me the opportunity to serve my community and connect with our customers. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that someone had a positive experience with our staff, or was excited to find a specialty product. I equally appreciate the diversity, creativity and seasonality of our different departments, and I am driven by the endless possibilities we can present our customers. During my free time, I am with my wife Denna, our three dogs and four children. I enjoy the gym, spending time on the water boating, tennis, ballroom dancing, sunshine and being thankful for every day!

In February 2007, I joined Pemberton Marketplace alongside my husband Tom, his father Leo, and brother Mark. I have aimed to provide a fresh perspective and revamp our family business by expanding marketing, event planning, local products and customer service. While also enhancing our fresh deli, catering and breakfast menus. I developed my passion and standards for quality service through an extensive career in the corporate world, beginning at the Ritz Carlton Buckhead Atlanta’s food and beverage division. Next, I managed cosmetics, women’s shoes and jewelry for several years at Dayton Hudson Marshall Fields, and headed to Ralph Lauren and Lancôme as a co-op account manager. I eventually moved to New York, where I ran two different districts for Victor Secrets Beauty. My final adventure as a district manager for Ethan Allen brought me to Boston, where I ran six stores and the warehouse. In my free time, I enjoy being with my family and friends, playing tennis, ballroom dancing with my husband, tending to our chickens and three dogs, cooking, gardening, boating and fishing.


Growing up in this family business has provided me with a lifetime of joy and wonderful experiences. From the early days of working as a child along side my father Leo to the days in college, to today, Pemberton has been my second home. Much has changed during that time yet much is the same. Relationships, customer service, selection and quality remain the key to a successful business. A simple rule I have lived by is try to treat others as I would like to be treated. Now in my 25th year of being here full time; the love, passion and commitment for what I do remains the same and it now gives me great joy to watch our children, the 4th generation, join in the business like we did with our dad a long time ago.


My name is Gwen and I have been working at Pemberton Farms for three years as a buyer. I have a “you are what you eat” focus on functional foods and work to fill our store with life enhancers, better beverages, energy boosting snacks, and local clean eats. I am a chocaholic, wine enthusiast, cheese monger, and runner! I have an incredible sense of trends and am able to get the into our store and on your tables quickly! Before I started working here I was a Chef at Le Cordon Bleu in Hollywood, CA and a teaching Chef at LA Foodworks.

Dan the wine guy


I am Dan the Wine Guy and I have been working in the wine business for almost 15 years now. The last 10 have been spent as a wine distributor in the greater Boston area. At Pemberton I work as the wine department manager. I love talking to people and introducing them to new grapes and regions. In my free time from the Spring to Fall you will find me in my Fenway Victory Garden drinking a bottle of wine!


My name is Scott Kendall and I am the Beer/Spirits buyer for Pemberton Farms. I have been working here since December of 1981. I enjoy interacting with customers and sourcing new products for the store. In my free time I love spending time with family and friends, as well as watching sports!


Hi, my name is Jamille Goddard. I’ve been a member of the Deli Team at Pemberton Farms since the spring of 2014. September of 2017 I became the deli manager. My favorite part of working at Pemberton is that I feel comfortable here, I feel like I am at home. I have over a decade of experience in the food service industry. Traveling is my passion, exploring new destinations is always an exciting adventure.


My name is Seabert and I have been working at Pemberton Farms since 1999. I work as the produce manager, which allows me to engage with all out customers which I love to do. I’ve been working in food retail for over 20 years. I started working at the meat department in a local supermarket in Cambridge and then I moved to the Harvest Food Coop, where I held the position of meat manager for ten years. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends and spending time with my wife and kids.


My name is Trina Lorigan and I have been on the team since 2010. I wear many hats at Pemberton including managing technology, the point of sale system, catalog division, events, websites, pet department, personal care section and lots of special projects. As a Cambridge resident, I enjoy working in my community and like supporting local business efforts and helping to build community in this area. In the past, I have worked in management in a variety of industries and in my free time I enjoy being outdoors, dabbling in arts and music and spending time with the people and felines I love.


My name is Manuel Elias, and I started working at Pemberton in March of 2014. I love Pemberton because it has so many things to offer to our customers. A liquor department, grocery, deli, and a garden center! I also love to help people to find what they need so that makes my job fun, I work as the cashier manager. I am an accountant, a cook and I used to manage a gas station. In my free time I love to go on long walks, work out, go to the beach, BBQ, hangout with friends, and go out dancing!


Hi, I am Mike Soldat and I am the Dairy Buyer at Pemberton Farms. I started working in early 2018. I enjoy my position because I like being able to connect people with food they want to eat! Being able to do this, often as a result of talking directly to the person, helps build a better connection. I feel that building a community is important to my work, and these interactions work towards that cause. I’ve been in retail for roughly 12 years, most of it in a grocery store. In my free time I love to read, write and create art. I also like to venture into the wilderness when it’s warm out!


My name is Marianne, aka The Cheese Lady. I am a quirky cheese nerd raised by Italians in Philadelphia. This is no small thing. I really think growing up in a family that thought about what they were going to have for dinner while they were eating breakfast is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. From my start as a small child,  I can say that food, eating, gathering people and making people happy has been a part of my life. Now as a cheese monger I am lucky to be given the platform to find and support agriculture in a meaningful way, resulting in a selection of beautiful product that nurtures and nourishes our customers, their friends and their families. To me, I feel like there is no work more meaningful. My favorite moments are when I make the first cut into a wheel of cheese. All efforts in making that cheese leads to this moment. To share it with others and help them see the magic in that it is one of the most satisfying parts of my job. 

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