May Wines of the Month – 20% Off

May Wines of the Month – 20% Off

Automatically receive a 20% discount on single bottles on our Wines of the Month. Always receive 20% off when you purchase 12 or more of any wine.

Thirsty Owl Chardonnay ’14 (Regularly $15.99, Sale Price $12.99)

Chardonnay is one of the most versatile and polarizing grapes on the planet. This wine from the Finger Lakes is quite the opposite of your California “oaky, buttery” Kendall Jackson style chardonnays. What we have here instead drinks like white Burgundy. Clean, fresh, and mineral driven – the palate shows green apples and stone fruit. The finish is zesty and bright with hints of lemon peel.

Laballe Sables Fauves Rose ’15 (Regularly $10.99, Sale Price $8.99)

Rose season is back! This wine is mostly Merlot and Cabernet Franc, which means it strikes a harmonious balance between earthy and fruity. Very little skin contact during vinification creates the light pastel pink color. The nose is aromatic with blackcurrant and berry fruit. The palate shows fresh strawberries and finishes with finesse driven mineral tones.

Broadbent Vinho Verde Rose ’15 (Regularly $10.99, Sale Price $8.99)

This is what you call a “porch rocker” rose: meaning it’s the perfect wine for drinking with friends outside on a hot day. Fresh, young, fruity, and slightly effervescent – this wine screams summer time. Ripe red fruits and rose pedals are present on the nose. The palate is limey, fizzy, and citrusy, with bright cherry and raspberry.

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