June Wines of the Month – 20% Off

June Wines of the Month – 20% Off

June Wines of the Month

Automatically receive a 20% discount on single bottles on our Wines of the Month. Always receive 20% off when you purchase 12 or more of any wine.

2013 La Marouette Pinot Noir, Languedoc-Roussillon, France $11.19 (Reg: $13.99): When people ask me if higher priced wines are actually better than lower priced wines my answer is something like: “not always…unless it’s Pinot Noir”. The fact of the matter is that Pinot Noir is one of the hardest grapes to grow. It’s a very picky grape and requires a lot more work, time and money to maintain. This translates directly to cost of the bottle on the shelf. There are of course plenty of cheap Pinot Noir’s out there but…man..they are awful. Some of the worst wine on the market. They are also regularly mixed with other grape varietals so what you get doesn’t actually even taste or look like Pinot Noir. This brings me to the La Marouette Pinot Noir. It’s grown in the Languedoc where the weather is almost always perfect, so everything grows there easily, even Pinot Noir. This Pinot actually looks and tastes like Pinot! Clear bright red color with bright cherry flavors and undertones of forest floor and earth.   Organic, Biodynamic and Vegan.

2013 Hého le Blanc, Loire Valley, France $9.59 (Reg: $11.99): Heho le Blanc is 100% Grolleau Gris. This is a little known grape that if lovingly attended to makes wine’s that are fresh, vibrant and aromatic with light citrus flavors. I love wines like this when the weather gets hot. Get it really cold and drink a couple bottles. It’s refreshing, great quality from a small producer, inexpensive & unique. Not an easy combination to find in a world of industrial wine. Organic.


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