Imbue Bittersweet Vermouth

Imbue Bittersweet Vermouth

Imbue, small batch bittersweet American Vermouth, is now available at Pemberton Farms.  It stands well on its own or makes a fantastic Manhattan.  Read more about it here, in the article from Jack Daniel’s blog:

If you wouldn’t drink it straight, why would you put it in a cocktail? Imbue leads the American vermouth revival, a movement to break vermouth from its popular status as a mixer. Although Imbue can stand on its own, paired with Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Whiskey, Imbue may very well produce the best Manhattan to ever grace your palate.

We spoke with Neil, one of Imbue’s three founders, about starting a small company, a passion project, in an uncertain market. Neil’s history in the service industry, and as a bartender, was unmistakable. An amiable people-person, he was quick to joke and quicker to laugh. But when it came to business, Neil’s tone took on a new momentum, an unmistakable gravity that hinted at a profound dedication.

“We built it

[Imbue] on peanuts. Being a bartender, we built it on service industry money,” he said. All it took was one raucous birthday celebration with a couple old friends for Neil to realize that, together, they had the chemistry and combined knowledge to make Oregon’s first and best vermouth. “We learned how to be incredibly frugal, incredibly organic in our growth,” he explained, a factor that allowed “a lot of creative freedom” – something he believes would have been at stake had they borrowed start up funds from a bank.

In their first year, Imbue sold 110 cases. This past year they sold 1,000. “1,000 cases is nothing, but when you look at it from starting with nothing, that’s a huge success for us,” he said, with just a trace of excitement in his voice. Imbue is a new company but it’s growing, and fast. He attributes this to the unique position Imbue occupies within and out of the European tradition.

Read the rest of the article here.

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