Beyond Meat


What’s one of the hottest trends in food right now?  Alternative proteins — plant-based meat substitutes that many believe are healthier for you and for the planet. One of the stars in this category is Beyond Meat, our hottest brand of alternative proteins.

At Beyond Meat, they want all of the good and none of the bad. They know people want to eat delicious meat but don’t want any of the bad stuff that goes along with it. Is that too much to ask? Well no, actually. Not since they created meat from plants. They believe that replacing animal protein with meat made from plants would do wonders for human health, for the environment, for conservation of natural resources and for animals.

From FUTURE FOOD 2050 “Plant proteins processed to chemically re-create the structure of meat are the next generation of vegetarian options" says Beyond Meat founder Ethan Brown.  

Ethan Brown, CEO and founder of California-based Beyond Meat, is convinced there’s a better way to feed the planet. But to get there, he has to persuade consumers that real meat should be defined by its chemical makeup rather than whether it came from a formerly living, breathing pig, cow or chicken. Anyone who’s ever been let down by a not-so-tasty veggie burger has certainly earned the right to be skeptical about Brown’s contention. But hold that thought, because Brown is approaching the alternative meat market unlike anyone else.

We feature many Beyond Meat products including their now famous “The Beyond Burger.”  Stop in and grab some and tell us what you think!