Kombucha Crazy!


If you’re crazy about Kombucha like we are, then you’ll have an adventure finding your favorite and trying new ones at Pemberton.  If you’re not a fan (yet), you might be wondering “what is Kombucha and why drink it?” Kombucha is a naturally fermented traditional beverage made from a mother culture and sweetened tea. The mother culture (known as a SCOBY) is a symbiotic colony of healthy yeast and bacteria. The micro-organisms in the culture break down the sugar and other components of the sweetened tea and create a fizzy, slightly sweet and tart drink. The resulting tonic is high in organic acids and a variety of other compounds that are thought to be supportive to health. Best of all, it tastes great! 

We carry a huge variety of Kombucha which is why some might say we’re a little Kombucha Crazy! We have pleanty of bottled kombucha plus, we have draft Katalyst Kombucha and you can fill your own container if you’d like. Here’s some of the brands we sell:

  • Katalyst
  • Health Ade
  • GTS
  • Doctor D’s
  • Brew Dr.
  • Aqua ViTea
  • Kevita
  • Goldthread
  • Suja
  • And More!