Garden Center Spring Workshops

Garden Center Spring Workshops

Ideal for a beginner or intermediate gardener, our spring workshops are designed to help you improve your gardening knowledge. Come armed with questions and learn from our experts and the experiences of other gardeners.

All workshops are at 10am and noon unless otherwise noted. Dates and times are subject to change.  Download The Garden Center Workshop Schedule here.

Starting Seedlings Indoors
Saturday, 3/8, 10am and Noon

Learn everything you need to know to grow your own seedlings indoors. Stop in anytime – sessions will last about 15 minutes each but we’re casual and will be here to help before, after and between sessions! This is a family-friendly event so feel free to bring your children and they can learn, too.

Beginner Gardener Bootcamp
Saturday, 4/5, 10am and Noon

Never owned a spade or planted anything in your life? Then this is the workshop for you! We’ll show you the basic tools you need and how to use them. Then, you’ll learn to move a plant in your garden and plant one from a pot. No boots required to attend.

All About Soil, Compost and Mulch
Saturday, 4/12, 10am and Noon

Learn what differentiates soil, compost and mulch and how to best utilize them in your garden. Come loaded with questions – we’ll have an expert here to help!

Herb and Vegetable Gardening
Saturday, 4/19, 10am and Noon

Learn how to prepare and plant an edibles garden (including veggies and herbs). We’ll teach you about preparing and planting in different environments – containers, raised beds and in the ground. Topics discussed will include soil amendment, fertilizers, pest prevention and what to plant when.

Lawn Planting, Care and Weed Prevention
Saturday, 4/26, 10am and Noon

Join us to learn how to plant, maintain and repair your lawn. We’ll discuss conventional and organic techniques and how to deal with city conditions (shade, poor soil, etc.).

Saturday, 5/3, 10am to 3pm

This will be an action-packed day of gardening fun and event-only SPECIALS! We’ll have experts here to help you choose plants, give you gardening advice and help you create beautiful container. Plus, we’ll have guest experts on a variety of topics. It’s FREE!

All About Roses
Saturday, 5/10, 10am and Noon

Just in time for Mother’s Day, join our experts to learn about rose gardening. We’ll discuss selection, planting, care and design.

Designing and Planting Containers & Window Boxes
Saturday, 5/17, 10am and Noon

Looking for a little adventure in your containers? Join us to learn how to create the most striking containers in your neighborhood. We’ll help you address the unique conditions around your home, plant compatibility and how to bring tropicals outdoors.

Tomato Time!
Saturday, 5/24, 10am and Noon

What’s better than a freshly picked tomato from your own garden? We’ll help you choose the tomatoes that are best for you, show you how to plant them and what you need to know to help them thrive.

Shade Gardening
Saturday, 5/31, 10am and Noon

Work hands-on with our perennial expert and discover what shade plants are best suited to your yard. This workshop will take place in the shade garden next to our parking lot and will include topics like “what can I plant under that Maple tree?”

Vining Plants and Living Screens
Saturday, 6/7, 10am and Noon

They say fences make great neighbors, but sometimes a little greenery will do. In this session, we’ll discuss options for creating privacy in your yard or your deck using vining plants. We’ll also tackle options for creating screens to mask unsightly views.

The Challenges of Outdoor Gardening
Saturday, 6/14, 10am and Noon

This session will tackle the obstacles you face in gardening – pests, disease and soil deficiencies and problems. Does your soil have too much sand or clay? Is your pH out of whack? Are you plants undersized or not blooming? Do you have unwelcome visitors crawling on your leaves? We’ll help find a solution to whatever plagues you.

Patio Gardening
Saturday, 6/21, 10am and Noon

Just in time for your summer cook-outs, we’ll help you bring the beauty of your home to your outdoor space. From single pots to containers, hanging plants, trees, trellises and more – your patio can be whatever you dream it will be. Bring questions, ideas, pictures and plans and we’ll help you bring it all together

Houseplants and Indoor Gardening
Saturday, 6/28, 10am and Noon

Do you dream of growing an herb garden or leafy greens right on your window sill? Perhaps you have a sunny room and want to grow large pots of basil? We’ll help you understand what you can grow inside and what you can grow in the environment of your home.
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