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Garden Center Workshops 2019


Begins Saturday 03/30/19, 10am

 Starting your own plants from seed is fun, easy, and a great way to stretch your garden budget. Kick off the 2019 growing season with our in depth seed starting demonstration. Learn how to start annual flowers, herbs, and vegetables, the best way to care for your seeds as they grow, and many more tips and techniques for successful growing.  

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On the Edge Knife Sharpening


First Sunday of Every Month, 11am to 2pm

Pemberton Farms Marketplace has partnered with On the Edge Knife Sharpening to bring the convenience of knife and tool sharpening to our parking lot on the first Sunday of every month.

On the Edge specializes in hand sharpening kitchen knives (serrated and straight edge, as well as Japanese knives). They also hand sharpen scissors, including dog grooming shears, utility scissors , garden tools, hunting knives and other pet grooming tools – sheep shears and other edges. Their tools include a whet stone, ceramics and different types of polishing stones.

Call us with questions at 617-491-2244 or see the On the Edge website.


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John Grochau


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John Grochau owner and winemaker of Grochau Cellars will be giving a seminar in the greenhouse. His Willamette Valley Commuter Cuvee is our most popular pinot noir in our store and his other wines are sure to please everyone. The event is $40 per person and includes wine, food and a good time. Space is limited so reserve your space today.


SAUCES - The Mothers and Their Babies


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Do you want to know the trick to sauces without lumps?  Do you want to know how to make the best use out of all that deliciousness stuck to the bottom of your pan after you sear or saute?  Do you want to know how to make a simple wine sauce?  This sauce class is going to help you with all of that and more.  Come join us. 

If you ever have a sauce that is lumpy or your dishes just a little blando blando or you want to make a meal feel a little fancier, I may be able to share a thing or two about a thing or two to make that better. I would like to teach you some basic sauces, the difference between mother sauces and secondary sauces and how to make them a little more interesting. I think a great sauce makes something ordinary something special.

We will talk about pairings, and how to select complimentary herbs and spices to bring your dishes into the limelight. This topic is one of my absolute favorites.

I will make a snack. I will write super geeky handouts giving you more information than you will ever use and all of the recipes included in the demos.