February Wines of the Month – 15% Off

February Wines of the Month – 15% Off

February Wines of the Month.
Automatically receive a 15% discount on single bottles of our February Wines of the Month. Always receive 20% off when you purchase 12 or more of any wine.

2012 Sattler Zweigelt, Burgenland, Austria: $16.99 (Reg: $19.99) This store has been carrying Sattler’s wines since, well, forever. Sattler makes a purely delicious wine year in and year out. If you have never tried Zweigelt before, you really should. Big, bold, juicy, fruity: “This wine is dense and juicy with a purple color and has hints of strawberries and fresh herbs on the nose. It exhibits ripe fruit on the palate, reminiscent of plum with pleasant acidity and pepper. It is an elegant wine with a spicy balanced finish.”

2013 Montinore Gewurztraminer, Willamette Valley, Oregon: $13.59 (Reg: $15.99) Gewurztraminer is an admittedly tough wine to sell. It’s hard to pronounce and it’s typically seen as a sweet white wine. It’s such an interesting wine though and under the right winemaker can be really stunning. Montinore employs biodynamic farming to their small Gewurz plot and ferment it completely dry so there is no sweetness here. “This is a wonderfully forward, floral wine in our traditional dry style, making for a crisp wine that pairs beautifully with food.  Straw gold color introduces an intense aroma of white grapefruit and kaffir lime leaf with hints of Citra hops and a palate bursting with tropical notes and powdered ginger. The finish is dry and bright, leaving the impression of fresh citrus.”

2010 Tenute Rubino “Marmorelle” Negroamaro, Puglia, Italy $10.99 (Reg: $12.99) If you drink a lot of red wine in the “value” price range you’ve probably noticed that they tend toward the fruity, jammy side. This is because oak barrels are either not used or old oak is employed to save money and pass along the saving to you. Lack of oak can leave a red wine “juicy”. I love juicy but sometimes need a change of pace. Negroamaro to the rescue. The grape itself is earthy, spicy & savory with a bitter cherry finish. Just what you need on a very cold winter day.

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