Fish Market Days

Fish Market Days 2018-04-07T09:28:24+00:00

Red’s Best Seafood is Now at Pemberton Farms Marketplace!

Pemberton Farms Marketplace partners with Red’s Best to bring the best fresh seafood right here to our neighborhood. Every Tuesday and Saturday, Red’s Best is at Pemberton Farms offering a selection of high quality seafood right inside our store.

Red’s Best, founded in 2006 by Jared Auerbach, is a Boston based seafood wholesaler that aggregates from small, community-based fishing boats. Their mission is to support the livelihoods of American fishermen while sustaining fisheries for harvest. They proudly partner with over 1,000 New England boats annually. By choosing Red’s Best, you, too, can support an historic industry and reduce undue burden on our natural resources caused by importing fish. Red’s Best fish supports fishermen whose livelihood depends on the catch

Learn more about Red’s Best – their history, values and the chain of custody technology.

For more information, contact Sergio Sotelo at 617-491-2244 or