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Cheese and Charcuterie Platters

 In addition to our Cocktail Platter and the Antipasti Platter, we are now offering some additional options for your party needs.

The Crowd Pleaser. This platter will accommodate a guest who likes cheese but enjoys a
classic creamy, sweet cheese without the funk or a classic New England Cheddar. If you know
you want to serve cheese but you aren’t sure what your guests like this is a very nice option.

Small Serving 10 $29.95, Medium Serving 15 $34.99, Large Serves 20 54.99

The Local. This platter offers a variety of local cheeses that are exclusively made in New
England. It includes a bloomy rind, an alpine style, a blue and a morbier style cheeses.

Small serves 10 $50.99, Medium Serves $70.99 and a Large serves 25 $116.99

The European. This platter offers a variety of European classics with a nice variety of flavor
profiles and textures. It also includes marcona almonds and fig spread.

Small serves 10 $69.99, Medium Serves 15 $82.99 Large serves $112.99

DYO-Design your own. Work with a one of our cheesemongers to create a perfect platter for
your gathering. Price is calculated based on the number of people and the cheeses you would
like to enjoy.

Additions: It is possible to add accompaniments, charcuterie, additional crackers and flatbreads
as you would like. Let us help you design a platter that will delicious, beautiful and fit your