Cheese Shop

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The Cheese Shop

Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or large formal event, our cheesemongers will create what you need.  With decades of experience in fine cheese, our team will consult with you to design and build a spectacular platter with cheese, charcuterie and accompaniments.

Themed Platters

Crowd Pleaser
(you can add charcuterie to all platters)

Custom Platters

Want something really special?  We can work with your menu, a theme or just be creative!  How about a curated board at your home or event location?  We can do it all.


Our Cheese Team

Farm Focus Series

Mongers’ Musings

We are proud to work with local farms as well as international artisans to offer the finest cheese, charcuterie, olives and accompaniments.

Please join our monthly dinner featuring delicious farmstead cheeses from different local farms.  Click here for this month’s Farm Focus tasting menu and more information.


Come back soon for words of wisdom from our cheesemonger Marianne.