2013 Broadbent Vinho Verde Rosé, Portugal

2013 Broadbent Vinho Verde Rosé, Portugal

I don’t have any romantic stories to tell about this week’s wine. The Broadbent Vinho Verde Rosé is pure pleasure in a bottle. It would do it a great injustice to get all wine geeky and wax poetic its virtues. I will tell you that Vinho Verde is made on the Atlantic coast of Portugal where the land is sun drenched and the saline ocean breeze blows constant.  It’s made from an indigenous mix of grapes that are hard to pronounce and it is consumed in great quantities throughout Portugal with shellfish or during siesta. It’s one of those wines you want to gulp extremely cold on a hot day. It’s a popular pick here in the store for good reason. The wines generally come in at $10 and below. They are cheap, cheerful and non-serious. Generally white in color, they are lively and fresh. Wines like this are important!; especially if you’re looking to fill your beach cooler or are having a bunch of friends over on a hot day or just don’t want to think about what’s in your glass other than to think it’s delicious. This is Broadbent’s Rosé version and it is bright pink with just a tinge of spritz, a lot of pink/red fruitiness and just a touch of residual sugar to balance the acid.  I’ll be keeping this next to the front registers all summer so you can come and grab some quick.

$8.99 per bottle, $8.50/bottle when two are bought, $6.80/bottle when a case is bought.


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