2011 Toques et Clochers Limoux “Haute Vallée”

2011 Toques et Clochers Limoux “Haute Vallée”

Limoux is a large area of the Languedoc in southern France set far back from the sea, bordering on the Pyrenees mountains. It’s mainly known for its sparkling wines; in fact monks here invented sparkling wine (sorry Dom Perignon!). But Toques et Clochers have been selling 100% still chardonnay here since 1990. They have four different bottlings based on the four different terroir determined by the local cooperative, Les Vignerons de Sieur d’Arques. The four terroirs are Méditerranéen, Autant, Océanique and Haute-Vallée and I’ve been lucky to taste through the four on a couple different occasions. The differences between the four are striking! It is still so interesting to me how one grape can taste so distinct from different parcels, even ones that are so close together.

I recently brought in the Haute Vallée bottling which comes from the area in Limoux closest to the Pyrenees. This is the highest altitude and coolest of the four terroirs.

This chardonnay is very floral and mineral, with a beautiful harmony between roundness and acidity. Nice yellow color with golden hints. Steady and open bouquet with notes of white flowers. $16.99


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