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Beer, Wine & Spirits at Pemberton Farms Marketplace

Our wine department consists of individually selected bottles at every price point. You’ll find wines from small, family farms as well as those everyday recognizable wines from all over the world. We have a nice selection of sustainably farmed and organic wines as well. Don’t know what you want? Our wine staff loves to give recommendations as well as pairing ideas.

From hip to old-school, we have it all in our beer department.  We stock the latest releases from local craft brewers, small batch and time-tested, and the classics from some of the bigger guys.  It’s always fun to poke around and see what’s new and enjoy an adventure in beer-tasting. Plus, we feature an incredible selection of ciders and meads!

If your looking for a fine bottle of Scotch, a trendy botanical, a local craft spirit or a top-shelf label, we have you covered.  If want one great bottle to savor, a selection of standards for entertaining or an impressive bottle for a gift, browse the aisles and you’ll find plenty to choose from.



la crema chardonnay

La Crema Chardonnay is one of many popular and affordable wines we currently carry.

Beer & Spirits

New beer at Pemberton Farms

Some of our local flavors from Newburyport Brewing Company.

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