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Our Addition

Our much-anticipated addition is coming along well and on schedule to open this Spring. The gorgeous new greenhouse is in place as well as the framing for the addition. We're working hard to enclose the space so we can start the finish on the exterior and then begin to focus on the indoor space.

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Tis the Season

We're ready for the holidays.  Are you?  You can find everything you need at Pemberton Farms, from wine to wreathes to holiday treats, and all the ingredients you need for your favorite holiday recipes.  Having company for the holidays?  We're happy to cook for you!  Stop in for our prepared foods or order a full [...]

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Garden Center Workshops 2017

Ideal for a beginner or intermediate gardener, our spring workshops are designed to help you improve your gardening knowledge. Come armed with questions and learn from our experts. All workshops are at 10am unless otherwise noted. Dates and times are subject to change. Download our current workshop schedule here: Printable Workshop Schedule . Starting Seeds [...]

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Get Back to Gardening!

Starting Seeds Indoors As winter continues to move along, it is time to start planning this year's crops for your garden and Pemberton Farms has all the seeds and supplies you need to get started. This year we will continue to carry seeds from a wonderful family-owned company called Botanical Interests.  Below are some great [...]

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Caring for Your Christmas Tree

Caring for your Christmas tree is much like caring for a fresh bouquet of flowers. Both should have a fresh cut on the stem, should be placed in water as soon as possible, and should never be allowed to dry out. Prior to putting your tree in a stand make a fresh cut straight across [...]

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Thanksgiving – Let Us Cook for You!

Order deadline - Friday 11/18 Pemberton Farms is offering a full menu again this year for your Thanksgiving dinner. Whether you'd like us to cook all or part of it for you, we're hear to help. Order by Friday November 11 and pick up Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of Thanksgiving week. View our online order [...]

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Fall Gardening Tips

Are you one of those people who think that the New England gardening season is over after September? THINK AGAIN!! The month of October is one of the most important (and fun) months of the year for a New England gardener. There's lots to do so let's get started... Cutting dead wood from spent perennials in the [...]

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Tomato Selection Guide 2016

Tomato Selection Guide Determinate vs. Indeterminate Tomato Plants Determinate varieties of tomatoes, also called "bush" tomatoes, are varieties that are bred to grow to a compact height (approx. 4 feet).  They stop growing when fruit sets on the terminal or top bud, ripen all their crop at or near the same time (usually over a [...]

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Rose Growing Essentials

Roses are easy to grow and remarkably tolerant. It is only necessary to get a few basic points right and you will have good results. However they can respond well to some extra care and attention by being more floriferous and healthy. The following is intended to help you to make the right selection and [...]

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